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Do you need a specialized Web application or e-commerce service for your business? Have you looked online for prepackaged systems and come up short, and realized you may to have to build it yourself? We provide custom development services and can transcribe your ideas into a functional Web application.

The following describes the different components of a custom web application. We invite you to contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting about your ideas.


Client Interview

Your new Web development project begins with contacting us and going through a small “requirements gathering session”. We want to learn what you have in mind for your application and how it will function, so we can determine what it will take to build it. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire that is designed to help you describe your new web project. Think of it as a worksheet to help us visualize your goals.

Application Design

With a clear understanding of your goals for your Web application, we set about designing its architecture. This stage enables us to organize the information to be presented on your application, how it is processed and stored, and how the overall interface will function.

Database Development

From your business requirements we design a relational database to handle your information transactions. A data-intensive application can make or break a popular Web site. An efficient database design ensures your site can scale for any type of visitor load.

Back-End Programming

Our Web applications are built according to your requirements and designed for easy maintenance. We utilize a variety of scripting languages and technologies for our Web applications, including PHP, MySQL, Javascript, C, Perl, XML, AJAX and RSS, to name just a few.

External APIs

Your web application may call for an external data feed or module through a third-party API. We have built many custom modules for external APIs such as RSS, XML feeds, Google Maps, RMLS IDX, and merchant gateways and can integrate most any Web API for your application’s needs.

User Interface and Web Design

We take your application’s program logic to a human level by building simple-to-use, browser-based tools. Your Web application is designed for easy adminstration with little training and no programming knowledge. Point, click, and go. Simple as that.

Usability Testing and Search Engine Optimization

With the application complete, we pass it through a rigorous quality assurance phase and submit it to the major search engines for indexing.

Hosting and Deployment

As a full-service web hosting we provide a stable, secure platform for your new Web application.

We invite you to view our design portfolio and welcome you to contact us to inquire about our Web programming services. We look forward to bringing your new application online!