Minnesota SEO Company

Minnesota SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization MN

Search Engine Marketing Benefits

  • More profit

  • More sales
  • More visitors
  • Higher Search Engine Position
  • More leads
  • Positive ROI

Search Engine Optimization Definition

Search engine optimization is structuring multiple pages on the Web site and the content of those pages to achieve high position on organic search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Search terms are carefully selected and skillfully woven into the fabric of your web pages.

Search Engine Marketing Definition

Search Engine marketing is the combination of keyword research, search engine optimization, information design, copywriting, link development and pay for click advertising to achieve beter position on search engine results pages, increase targeted taffic and drive business success.

Search Engine Marketing Goal

To drive dramatically increased amounts of profitable traffic to your site with the best return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization Tip

To win, Web pages must focus exclusively and thoroughly on the selected keywords which must be repeated the right number of times (not too few, and not too many), and positioned correctly on the page. To make a strong impression on your readers and search engines, support important themes with multiple pages.

Search Engine Marketing Services

  • Analyze needs, goals, opportunities, challenges
    • Benchmark starting point
  • Research keywords, competitive sites
  • Design search engine strategy
    • Select keywords
    • Document analysis and selections
  • Optimize Web site for Search Engines
    • Structure Web site
    • Design pages for high placement
  • Register with (submit to) on line directories if necessary
  • Submit to appropriate pay for inclusion sites if appropriate
  • Pay for click
    • ROI research, and recommendations
    • When ROI positive
      • Set up account
      • Write ads
      • Place bids
  • Track and report results
  • Continually measure, improve and expand

Research, Analysis, Recommendations and Strategies

We learn your business objectives, objectives for your site, Web site plans, promotional plans, and budget. Using your input, clues from your top competitors, and keyword selection tools, we determine the set of keyword phrases most likely to position your site high in the search engines and drive qualified prospects to your site.

We recommend a strategy for promoting those keywords on your home page, other pages, data-driven product pages (if you have them), and Pay for Click advertisements.

Benchmark Before Optimizing

Web position for important keywords is measured and documented to identify where improvement is needed and to establish a basis for comparison. We search for multiple keywords on multiple search engines, and generate a report that can be seen on a private Web site.

Monitor and Improve Results To Stay Ahead

Search engines are constantly changing. Your competitors are constantly improving. You may have not budgeted for a strong enough first effort to take the lead and keep it. Sometimes we make wrong decisions the first time. Some things do very well, and you may want to build on that success.

To get ahead, stay ahead, and expand your good results, you need to measure your success and failures, and make appropriate changes.

We monitor your Web traffic statistics with tools provided by your Web hosting provider and again generate Web Position reports. We analyze results, discuss them with the client, come up with a plan and implement it, typically on a quarterly basis.