Minnesota Web Design

Finding a web designer in Minnesota

A few helpful hints as you search for a Minnesota web design company.

  • Ask for references.  Get a client list, see who they have worked for.
  • If the web design company encourages you to shop around and compare their quote with other MN website design companies, this means they are confident in their services and pricing.  If they rush or pressure you in any way, be wary.
  • Don’t be fooled by web design companies that are quoting high prices.  These companies typically have high overhead and little talent to pull from, thus the higher prices.  SHOP AROUND, talk to a few different Minnesota based website companies and COMPARE.
  • Be careful of the “one man shop” design companies, ask for a client list.  Typically if the company’s work has ever had national media exposure they are a solid outfit.
  • If a web design company asks you what your “budget” is, move on to the next web design company for a quote.  There is no situation where this should come into play.  A decent web design company will complete a requirements gathering session with you and then return with an estimate or various options that have different cost structures for you to select from and shop around with.

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